EB-2 Employment-based Immigration Visa Attorneys for Everett WA (Snohomish Co) Area

EB-2 Employment-Based Immigration Visa Attorneys for Everett WA (Snohomish Co.) Area

EB-2 employment-based immigration visas comprise a category of PERM visa applications. These visas are popular options among potential US immigrants seeking permanent residency in the United States through employment, but who might not qualify for permanent residency through non-PERM visas.

1. What Are PERM Visas?

PERM is an acronym standing for “program electronic review management.” Put simply, PERM visas require a labor certificate from the US Department of Labor. This extra step in a hassle, so intending immigrants usually apply for non-PERM visas if feasible.

To obtain a PERM labor certificate, the intending immigrant must have a US job offer. Next the Department of Labor must determine there are no US workers able, willing, qualified, and available to accept the intending immigrant’s job offer at the prevailing wage for the given occupation and geographic location. Last, the Department of Labor must certify that the intending immigrant’s employment will not adversely impact the earnings or work conditions of US workers.

2. What Are EB-2’s Specific Requirements?

In additional to labor certificates, EB-2 applications must demonstrate the intending immigrant falls within at least one of the three following classifications:

  • The intending immigrant holds a degree higher than a bachelors degree, such as a masters, Ph.D, or J.D;
  • The intending immigrant has a bachelors degree with five or more years progressive experience in his/her profession; or
  • The intending immigrant shows exceptional ability in an artistic, scientific, or business-related field associated with the immigrant’s job offer.

This visa compares closely with many other immigration-related visa opportunities, especially the EB-3 visa. For those who qualify for both the EB-2 and EB-3, generally the EB-2 is preferable because of subscription quotas on visa numbers. However, the qualifications for the EB-3 visa are less stringent.

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